On the evening of May 17, 2024, the Cincinnati Reds will clash with the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium, beginning at 10:10 PM under a sky with few clouds. Frankie Montas will represent the Reds on the pitcher’s mound with a current ERA of 4.200, while the Dodgers will counter with James Paxton, who holds a more favorable ERA of 2.583.

As of now in the 2024 season, the Reds are positioned 12th within the NL Central Division, holding a record of 19 wins against 25 losses, leading to a winning percentage of 0.43. They record 1 win and 2 losses in their divisional games and are 4th in the division rankings. Their recent performance includes 3 wins out of their last 10 games, and they are riding on a one-win streak. The Reds show mixed results both at home (9-13) and on the road (10-12), with a slightly better performance during day games versus night games. They’ve produced 190 runs this season while conceding 188.

On the other hand, the Los Angeles Dodgers stand 2nd in the NL West Division with a notable record of 29 wins and 17 losses, a winning percentage of 0.63. They lead their division with 10 wins against 7 losses. Currently on a two-loss streak, they have won 6 of their last 10 matchups. The Dodgers demonstrate strong home (15-9) and away (14-8) game records, with a significant preference for night games, having won 20 out of 29. They have scored 239 runs and allowed 163 in return.

Betting odds for this matchup favor the Dodgers, reflecting their stronger season performance. The point spread stands at -1.5 in favor of the Dodgers, and the over/under for total runs is set at 9.0. Betting lines also show the Dodgers favored with a moneyline of -216, whereas the Reds are underdogs with a moneyline of +181. These odds indicate a belief in the Dodgers’ ability to maintain their form and secure a win at home.